How You Feeling?

Hey you! Yes you! How are you feeling today? How is your day going?

For real, I’m asking you that. I really do want to know.

And I also really want someone to ask ME this question, someone who genuinely cares. Unfortunately that’s pretty rare. When we ask someone how they are doing, we do not really expect an answer. It’s a formality. A way of being polite. So the answer is always “Good, I’m doing good”. Dare to answer “I’m not doing well today” and you will destabilize the other person. What do you reply to that answer?

How You FeelingBut when you don’t feel super amazing, doesn’t it feel so good to be asked that question? Doesn’t it feel soothing to be able to share and discuss your feelings with someone else? Yes. That does feel amazing. It instantly makes you feel better, no matter what the problem is.

So today, because I want to be asked this “How are you feeling today” question, I decided to start a blog. I don’t know how this will turn out, but this blog will be about me genuinely wanting to know how you, the reader, are feeling today. This blog will be about sharing some love. Because everybody needs some, and even if you already have tons of it, here, have some more <3.

In conclusion, how are you feeling today? Sad? Happy? Why? Come on, write down your feelings and your mood below, in the comments section.

With love, The Hungry Dog.


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