Nobody Knows What to Do With Their Lives!

“I don’t know what to do with my life! I’m so lost. Can somebody please help me?”

Stop complaining. Nobody knows what to do with their lives. We’re all lost.

And even if you know what you’re doing in life, who can guarantee you that your plans will all work out? Nobody!

Your life and your plans can be shattered in an instant. Nothing lasts forever.

The truth is that life is unpredictable. It makes no difference, whether you know or not what you’re doing in this world. Your life and your plans can be shattered in an instant. Nothing lasts forever.

What matters is not what you’re doing with your life or what you plan to do. It’s how you’re living life. Are you living every moment like it was your last one? Are you enjoying every second you’re spending with your friends and family? Are you spending time on things that are important? Or are you just making plans, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day?

Stop asking yourself questions.

So please people stop complaining. Stop these unceasing existential questions. Life is life. It is meant to be lived. Just live your life the best you can. Stop asking yourself questions. Imagine you’ll be dead tomorrow – who will care whether you know or not what to do with your life?

Nobody Knows What to Do With Their Lives

With love, The Hungry Dog.

p.s. How are YOU living your life? Are you trying to make the best of it? Or do you live for a better future? 

What made you feel alive today?


4 thoughts on “Nobody Knows What to Do With Their Lives!

  1. I am very much guilty of this. This is in fact why I am badly depressed because I have no aims or goals or inspirations. I can’t seem to get out of this horrible depression (I am hospitalised now) where I just don’t know a thing of what to do. It doesn’t help that I have literally zero money. I know that money doesn’t make you happy but I’m at a point where I am receiving food from a charity once a week.

    I’ve really got to sort myself out otherwise I’ll never get out of this… I’m just struggling even in the here and now…

    Ok, you gave me inspiration and I am going to go out on the hospital grounds and do some sketching… You helped someone today 😉

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    1. Thats’ great!!! I’m so happy it inspired you to go out and do some sketching! That’s the way to go: it’s the small steps that matter! Do that every day, find something to occupy your brain with and without doubt, it will help 🙂
      Hey, come back at the end of the day and tell us how it went!


      1. Thank you. I did go to the back of the hospital where I am right now and sit for an hour and took in the view of all the nature. Book in hand, but that’s a start!!

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