Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t you feel weird every time you don’t follow the crowd? I do. That’s because following the crowd is part of human nature. We’re made to act similarly. Why you ask? Well simply because this characteristic allows us to live in a community.

Imagine the chaos if everybody did anything that goes through their head!

Imagine if instead of shaking hands, someone that you met for the first time smacked you on the face. That’s not what humans do! (Well at least not that I know of…you never know…)

Does that mean that not following the crowd is bad? Not at all! We also need a few of a little bit crazy and divergent humans. Because they’re the ones who can change the world. They’re the revolutionaries.

Anyways why am I telling you that? Because I want to tell you that YOU and only YOU are the one who should decide what is the best way to live your life. If everybody does the same thing, it doesn’t mean that you should do the same.

(Another reason that I’m telling you that: Because I recently dared to do something pretty different from the crowd and it made me feel weird. But I think it’s the right thing to do.)

Stand Out from the Crowd

And I’m not only saying this in the sense that “If your friends are taking drugs, don’t follow the crowd and don’t do drugs”. You know that’s just wrong. I’m saying don’t be afraid to act and be different, because that’s what successful people do. Have you ever heard of really successful people who changed the world and lead an ordinary life? They’re rare. If you’re not convinced, I will let you reflect upon this example:

Steve Jobs. THE Apple guy. He was a master at innovation. He created revolutionary electronic products that consumers just love! Steve Jobs dared to do things in a different way than all those Microsoft tech people did.

So yeah. Just dare to be a badass.

With love, The Hungry Dog


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