Are You Stressed?

Stress is everywhere. I mean really EVERYWHERE. It starts with yourself: you have a deadline and you’re moderately stressed to get the work done. Then you talk to your friend, who is stressed about something else. Your level of stress increases. You talk to your colleague at work, who is also stressed about the deadline. The more you talk, the more you stress. Plus you’re late to work and there’s huge traffic ahead. You’re going to explode. You want to take some time to relax, but if you do you won’t be able to get the work done before the deadline. Deadline. DEADline. DEADLINE. DEADLINEEEEE!

Basically you’re dead.

You have built up a ball of energy filled with stress, but you cannot throw it away.

Ok ok I’m overdramatic. My point is there’s a certain level of stress that is pretty hard to deal with. The one where you’re in an impasse. The one where you have built up a ball of energy filled with stress, but you cannot throw it away. Because if you do, you won’t be able to reach your goal.

Are you in that situation? Seriously, I’m curious to know how you guys are feeling. So reader, please tell me:


Right now, I’m at the “pretty stressed” stage.

You will get through it and you will forget about it.

If you’re at the freaking out stage, darling, first of all I would like to tell you that you will get through it and you will forget about it. That being said, I would like to give you my tips on how NOT to reach this awful stage. Enough is enough. This stage is the killer one. It’s the counterproductive one. All it does is make you crazy!

Let me take you through my mind process:

1. You will always have to deal with stress triggers in life.

2. The more you talk about stress with others, the more you stress.

3. More often than not, things that are stressful have to be done. You cannot avoid them.

4. So you want to avoid stress? Do that ish that has to be done, stop complaining about it and stop constantly thinking about it. Oh and stop talking to people who only talk about stress!

Anyways this is what I learned to do. I’ve been through quite a lot of stressful situations with deadlines and what I have noticed is that people LOOOVE to talk about it. This is what stresses you more than it should. So just avoid it.

I hope you agree with me. Do you? Comment below, I want to know what your stress strategies are 🙂

I will leave you on this final note:
Are you stressed?


With love, The Hungry Dog.

Enough Is Enough


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