Get Happy in 5 Minutes!

Sad? Angry? Desperate? Just received bad news?

Don’t know what to do to get these emotions out of your system? Well you do know that how you’re feeling is important for me, so here’s a little trick to get happy in no more than 5 minutes! Because we all know that life is too short to feel bad!

Super simple:

1. Turn the lights off.

2. Make sure you’re alone.

3. Play the song Celebration, by Kool & The Gang (see below).

4. Dance like crazy!!! Let the song make you move and celebrate life!

BUT WAIT! Before starting the craziness, let’s do a little experiment. Write down in the comment section below how you are feeling right now. Play the song and get crazay!! Then come back and let’s see how your mood changed, comment below 🙂

NOW LET THE PARTY START! I want to see your craziest moves!!! GO!

Bank of mood-lifting songs:

1. Celebration by Kool & The Gang (thanks for the suggestion The Hungry Dog)

2. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson (thanks for the suggestion staystrong10)

3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Brian Mcferry (thanks for the suggestion Ritu)

4. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift (thanks for the suggestion daintylittlesecretsblog)

5. ???*

*What is your feel good song that you dance to? Share it with us! I will add it to the post so that we can all get inspired 😀 I will also add a link to your blog (if you do have one) so that we can know who to thank for making us happier!

With love, The Hungry Dog


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