I Pledge Not to Worry Unnecessarily!

There are so many things that we can worry about! We’re spoilt for choice. Lucky us!

But you know what? It’s a choice. Not only can you choose, but you can choose more or you can choose less. I pledge that I will choose less. Why? Well most of the time worrying isn’t helpful at all. It’s unnecessary! So why would you lose time and sanity to worry for something that you cannot change? No reason at all!

Are you guys worried? Just a little or too much? Do you even know why you’re worried? If you need a little brain cleaning of all the worrying, here is what I suggest you do:

Pick up a pen and a sheet of paper. Make a list of your worries (I’m curious, how many items do you have on your list, comment below!). Then choose a few of the listed items, keeping in mind to leave only the elements that are worry-worthy. Now eliminate all the elements except those for which worrying will actually help.

Oh! There’s nothing left on your list? Well no need to worry anymore my friend! Stand up, tear your sheet of paper with all those unnecessary worries into pieces, throw everything in the trash can (or recycling bin if you want to make mother nature happy) and enjoy life! You’re free!

Wait! Were you actually left with 1 worry-worthy item on your list? Here is something for you:

I Pledge Not to Worry Unnecessarily

You are a tiny little particle in this IMMENSITY (but you’re still super important 🙂 ). Now are you still that worried?

With love, The Hungry Dog


5 thoughts on “I Pledge Not to Worry Unnecessarily!

  1. This is an amazing post – thank you so much for sharing. I almost feel I was meant to read this tonight, it’s really helped put into perspective a few things I’m going through at the moment, so thank you once again. I needed this! 🙂 Karen x

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