How You Feeling?

Seriously, how you feeling?

We need to ask this question more. It’s the reason I started this blog πŸ™‚

We need more love in this world. We need people to care for each other. We need to realize that if we do good to others, it will bring us happiness. Think a lot about yourself, but think about others even more!

I don’t know you. You don’t really know me. But still, we can support each other. So I’m asking you: how are you feeling today? Take a minute of your day, breathe a little, think about yourself and let me know on the How You Feeling PageΒ <- click here ;). And take another minute of your day to ask the same to someone else!

I hope you have a wonderful and amazing day ❀

With love, The Hungry Dog.


8 thoughts on “How You Feeling?

  1. Some of us are givers and some are takers, and then there are those relationships where it is both. How ARE you, anyway! You have given much in the short time I’ve known you but what do YOU need? πŸ™‚ and yeah, it is good to remind people to ask. otherwise they assume everything is ok!

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    1. Yes you are right, it’s easy to assume everything is ok. Actually, it’s very easy to keep everything inside and not show what we’re going through to anyone. But sharing would make it so much easier πŸ™‚
      Hey thanks for asking, I’m great!
      You really made me think: what do I need? (That’s really sweet of you to ask!!) It’s a hard question! Actually, I think that what I need is to feel that I am making a difference for someone. When you’re going through hardships, it’s not easy to find someone who understands you. So I hope that through this blog, I’m able to send a little love to the readers πŸ™‚


  2. Honestly? I’m feeling tired, but that’s just motherhood for you!
    And silently relieved! Because the In-laws have gone for their 2 month yearly vacation to the Motherland! I love them dearly, but it means we can be a family, truly, just the 5 of us. Me, Hubby Dearest, Lil Man, Lil Princess, and Sonu Singh the kitty! None of the ‘we have to go here or there’ because of them. We can decide what we want to do, when we want to do it!

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