Monday Morning Boost #4

This Monday, I will not be the one boosting your day. YOU will be the one making this day amazing! Here is how:

1. Find a free 5 minutes in your day.

2. Choose an activity you love and spend 5 minutes of your day to do it.

I’ll be enjoying a hot chocolate in the afternoon!!!! (Since it’s sooo cold outside and also I need sugar…and chocolate.)

Monday Morning Boost_Hot Chocolate

I can’t wait! Monday just got much less boring and much more amazing!

What will you do? (Comment below!)

With love, The Hungry Dog.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Boost #4

  1. I spent my 5 minutes writing in my prayer journal, which I just started on Sunday. It’s a habit that I want to get into every day and I felt better/calmer for taking the time to do so! Thanks for challenging us with these great ideas!

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