Monday Morning Boost #6

You guys! Discovery of the year!!! Did you know you can make cookies in the microwave? I’m talking about some deliciously fluffy chocolate chip cookies! In a cup! In like 1 minute!

(And the cookies I’m talking about look better…much much better than the one on this page. This one is just because I like to illustrate and didn’t have another image 😉 )

Well I didn’t until yesterday. Seriously, it made my day. That’s enough to cheer me up for the whole week. Monday ain’t got nothing on me when I “bake” my 1 minute chocolate chip cookies in the microwave.

Want the recipe too? Warning, WARNING! Intense salivation might occur! If you’re at work or at school, prepare to be distracted. I advise you to wait before you get home and you’re able to make the recipe. Ok ok, here it is (you have been warned!): 1-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie In a Mug ❤ ❤ <3.

Enjoy your day and most of all, your chocolate chip cookie!

Monday Morning Boost #6More “Monday Morning Boosts” here.

With love, The Hungry Dog.


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