How You Feeling?

So how you feeling today?


What makes you so happy? What makes you sad? What makes you angry?

Share your thoughts, comment below! Let it all out of your system. Talking about it is liberating!

Here’s a virtual HUG for you (because no matter how you’re feeling, a hug is always nice!).


Virtual Hug


Oh and no matter how you’re feeling don’t forget to smile, it will only do you good!



See what I did here? I made you smile. It’s contagious! Let’s start an epidemic and get the world infected!

With love, The Hungry Dog.

P.S. Still unhappy? Here’s how to lift up your mood really fast!


2 thoughts on “How You Feeling?

  1. I had a great night’s sleep, a good breakfast, quiet prayer time, lots of errands run, a surprise meet up with a friend from the past, and my dinner marinating in the fridge, waiting for me to cook it! I hope you’ve had a great day!

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